About Dr. Diane MD

dr_diane_aboutDr. Diane A. Thompson has a passion for empowering people to improve their health and to live an amazing life. She has worked in varying capacities in the healthcare field for over 20 years.

Before attending medical school, she spent many years as a licensed skin care expert and anti-aging specialist, a registered nurse, a nurse practitioner, and an adjunct assistant professor of nursing. Dr. Thompson left the field of nursing and attended medical school at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in order to pursue her original passion of becoming a physician, because she believes life should not be lived with regrets.

She has a holistic approach to health and believes that health is not just physical, but encompasses various aspects of a person’s life. She has made it her mission in life to educate people using various media, and is the host of the popular health show, ‘Health Talk with Dr. Diane MD’ which is aired on ‘Atlanta’s Incredible Radio’ 1570 AM WIGO,  FMG Network, and Blog Talk Radio.

She is also a speaker and seminar leader as well as a health writer. She has won various presentation awards in Toastmaster’s International, and is a member of the National Speakers Association. When she is not busy seeing patients, she travels the country as a speaker, seminar leader, and coach where she has spoken to thousands of people on various health and wellness topics. She lives in New York City and spends her time as a youth mentor.