The Best Darn Smoothie Shakes You’ve Ever Had

For the past year I have been experimenting with smoothie shakes in the mornings because I’ve convinced myself that I am not a “breakfast person,” and I have too little time to make a healthy breakfast anyway. I have had many delicious hits and a few just-plain-nasty misses. These smoothies can be delicious, healthy, easy to prepare, inexpensive, energy boosting, portable, and are a wonderful complement to any weight loss/health/fitness journey. My Berry Delicious Smoothie is one of those … [Read more...]

4 Principles To Help Make This Your Best Year Yet!

Here are 4 principles that can help you accomplish more in the next few months than you have done all of last year.  Chances are, you are already familiar with these principles.  They are simple and easy to implement, but the rewards are enormous. The first principle is to set goals and keep them.  We know that every year millions of people set goals, and by the end of January, millions of those same people abandon those goals.  An often quoted statistic is that less than 3 % of the … [Read more...]

Consumption of Fructose-rich Beverages is Associated With Increased Risk of Gout in Women

Gout is a type of intensely painful arthritis most commonly seen in men over age 30 and postmenopausal women. The involved joint is usually swollen, exquisitely tender, with the overlying skin warm and red. It is associated with elevated blood uric acid levels and risk factors include hereditary, kidney disease, drug-induced (thiazides, low dose aspirin, niacin), alcohol (particularly beer), high meat intake, and obesity among others. Gout can affect any joint but commonly affects the joint of … [Read more...]

An Attitude of Gratitude has Tangible Health Benefits

Gratitude originates from the Latin word gratus which means “thankful”. Thanksgiving Day is often viewed as a time of family gathering, the practice of conscious gratitude, and often overindulgence in food.  What many people don’t realize is that the daily practice of conscious gratitude and thanksgiving has tangible health benefits. Two psychologists, Dr. Robert Emmons and Dr. Michael McCullough looked at the role gratitude plays in physical and emotional well-being.  They took three groups … [Read more...]

Start Where You Are, Use What You Have

So many of us set lofty goals we never even attempt or achieve. Many times the road block is that the goal is unrealistic or we don’t have a simple plan of attack. I find that if we could simply adopt the principle of starting where we are and using what we have, we would surprise ourselves at the progress that could be achieved. My work schedule averages over 12 hrs per day for six days a week and I am expected to read medical material on my off time. Finding time for exercise with such a … [Read more...]