13 Tips to Reduce Stress and Improve Your Health

The negative effects of stress on both mental and physical health are well documented. A 2011 study published in the Journal of Aging Research examined long-term patterns of stressful life events and their impact on mortality and found that, compared to the low-stress group, both the moderate and the high-stress groups showed increased rate of death. Another study published in the British Medical Journal showed that even mild stress is linked to long term disability. And Stanford Professor … [Read more...]

Lying May Be Bad For Your Health

Being a liar may not put your pants on fire, but a new study suggests that it could be bad for your health. Prior studies on the topic of lying have suggested that people lie on an average of 11 times per week with anywhere from one to two lies per day. There is now evidence to suggest that all this lying may not be so harmless after all, and could negatively affect your physical and emotional health as well as your relationships. A recent study from the University of Notre Dame, called … [Read more...]

Keep Alzheimer’s Away With Daily Physical Activity

For year we have known that physical activity has many tremendous health benefits. Study after study has shown that exercise can help you feel better and live longer by having positive effects on weight, self-esteem, mood, blood sugar control in type 2 diabetes, blood pressure management, lipids levels (decreasing triglycerides while improving good cholesterol), fall prevention, arthritis symptoms, sleep, and sexual activity among others. It now appears that exercise has a positive benefit on … [Read more...]

Achieving Your Goals With Your Accountability Buddy

With just under two months left in 2011, you may falsely believe that the goals you had set at the start of the year are destined for another New Year’s Resolutions’ grave. But you are so wrong! I know a secret weapon that can help you accomplish those goals at lightning speed and still make 2011 a winning year. I am talking about an accountability buddy, an AB for short. What is an Accountability Buddy? An accountability buddy is like a best friend and a life coach rolled in one.   Having … [Read more...]

4 Principles To Help Make This Your Best Year Yet!

Here are 4 principles that can help you accomplish more in the next few months than you have done all of last year.  Chances are, you are already familiar with these principles.  They are simple and easy to implement, but the rewards are enormous. The first principle is to set goals and keep them.  We know that every year millions of people set goals, and by the end of January, millions of those same people abandon those goals.  An often quoted statistic is that less than 3 % of the … [Read more...]