Non-Alcoholic Red Wine May Lower Your Blood Pressure

High blood pressure (hypertension) is a major risk factor for several diseases and has been linked to an earlier death. One in three Americans have it and most have trouble controlling it. A recent study may offer another tool in the fight against this deadly disease. The term “blood pressure” refers to the force of blood pushing against the walls of blood vessels called arteries. If the pressure remains high for a long period of time, it can cause damage to various organs in the body and … [Read more...]

Berries Slow Brain Aging

Strawberries and blueberries are rich in powerful substances called flavonoids.  Flavonoids are believed to deliver tremendous health benefits, and are said to have antioxidant properties that help the body fight attacks from harmful chemicals that could cause cellular damage.  Specific types of flavonoids call anthrocyanidins give fruit and vegetables their color and are said to provide protection against inflammation and aging.  They have also been credited with prevention of diseases such as … [Read more...]

New study shows that grape seed extract kills head and neck cancer cells

Head and neck cancer, the 6th most common malignancy among men worldwide, kills close to 12,000 Americans every year.  Those who survive have a high chance of recurrence, and only about ½ of them are still alive 5 years after the diagnosis.  Important risk factors include the use of tobacco, alcohol, and to a lesser extent, infection with the human papilloma virus (HPV).   Some of the early signs and symptoms include a persistent sore throat, hoarseness, difficulty or pain with swallowing, and a … [Read more...]

8 Painless Ways To Add A Serving of Healthy To The Thanksgiving Day Meal

Every year, millions of Americans participate in the ritual of the Thanksgiving Day festivities.  People schlep cross-country to visit family for that yearly meal, which generally consists of the large bird as the center piece along with any number of carbohydrate and fat filled accompaniments. A typical Thanksgiving Day meal can add up to more than 2500 calories.  That’s more than an entire day’s requirement in one sitting.  So how do you enjoy the Thanksgiving Day festivities while still … [Read more...]

The Best Darn Smoothie Shakes You’ve Ever Had

For the past year I have been experimenting with smoothie shakes in the mornings because I’ve convinced myself that I am not a “breakfast person,” and I have too little time to make a healthy breakfast anyway. I have had many delicious hits and a few just-plain-nasty misses. These smoothies can be delicious, healthy, easy to prepare, inexpensive, energy boosting, portable, and are a wonderful complement to any weight loss/health/fitness journey. My Berry Delicious Smoothie is one of those … [Read more...]

Consumption of Fructose-rich Beverages is Associated With Increased Risk of Gout in Women

Gout is a type of intensely painful arthritis most commonly seen in men over age 30 and postmenopausal women. The involved joint is usually swollen, exquisitely tender, with the overlying skin warm and red. It is associated with elevated blood uric acid levels and risk factors include hereditary, kidney disease, drug-induced (thiazides, low dose aspirin, niacin), alcohol (particularly beer), high meat intake, and obesity among others. Gout can affect any joint but commonly affects the joint of … [Read more...]