Dr. Terry Wahls:  Beating Multiple Sclerosis Part 1 and 2

Dr. Terry Wahls Ted Ex talk about her journey with multiple sclerosis has over 1.6 million downloads on YouTube.

She is a clinical professor of medicine at the University of Iowa where she teaches internal medicine residents, sees patients in a traumatic brain injury clinic, and conducts clinical trials.

She is also a patient with a chronic progressive neurological disorder, secondary progressive multiple sclerosis, which confined her to a tilt-recline wheelchair for four years. But thanks to the power of the Wahls Protocol™, which is based on functional medicine and the Wahls Paleo™ diet, Dr. Wahls restored her health and now pedals her bike five miles to work each day.

On part 1 of this episode, she discusses her diagnosis with multiple sclerosis and how she found her new way of living that completely changed her health and life.

On part 2 of this 2 part episode, she discusses the details of the dietary and lifestyle adjustments that completely changed her health and life.

Dr. Terry Wahls may be contacted at http://www.terrywahls.com

Dr. Diane Thompson may be contacted at https://www.drdianethompson.com

Disclaimer:  The information presented in this broadcast is for educational purposes only and is not meant for diagnosis or treatment.  Please consult with your health care provider before making any changes to your health.

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