Dr. Thompson Delivers Live and Virtual Evidence-based, Inspirational and Transformational Training Sessions

Dr. Thompson’s Popular Live Trainings


  1. Change Your Lifestyle, Change Your Life
  2. Thriving Despite a Stroke
  3. Thriving Despite Disability
  4. 10 Steps to Regaining Your Health and Life


Virtual/Online Programs


  • 30 Days to Your Best Health- 4 Weeks Online Offering
  • Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP)- 18 Sessions Virtual Facilitated Offering

Training for Healthcare Providers


  • Medicine and Media: Using the Media to Extend Your Reach
  • Using Podcast to Reach Your Audience and Establish Expertise
  • How to Be a an Effective Podcast Guest
  • Using Your Medical Expertise to Create Passive Income

Dr. Thompson offers a limited number of slots for private Lifestyle Medicine and Health Coaching.

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